LNG in Mozambique

Updated on 29th June 2018 Article published at the China-Lusophone Brief, on 21st March 2018 Article also published in How We Made it in Africa, on 24th May 2018 Also published at the NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies, on 25th May 2018 Mozambique, which gained independence from Portugal in 1975, is home to a culturally…

Singapore aims high as Asia’s LNG trading hub

The growing importance of adopting cleaner ways to generate electricity worldwide has brought LNG into the spotlight as one of the most affordable and less environmentally damaging fuels. Singapore, with its strategic location, has daring plans to grow into the preferred trading hub for LNG in Asia.

Gas-Fired Turnaround

After many years of chaos, Mozambique finally experienced a period of blossoming economic growth following 2001. Several major foreign investment projects, continued economic reform, and the revival of the agriculture, transportation, and tourism sectors were key factors propelling the country towards a sustained annual GDP growth greater than 5.8% since 2005, and over 7.0% from 2011 onwards. According to the World Bank, the forecast of the annual GDP growth until 2017 in the country is greater than 7.4%.

Adding to this economic boom, the discovery of immense natural gas reserves came as a sign from above that prosperity in Mozambique would be unstoppable.